another another :D have youve ever made art you were so bad you would never in a 100 years let anyone see it and what was it.


oh gawd, are you sure.

okay fine


i swear to god, this was my legitimate first post on ask firefly

i know, just, just i’m sorry. i don’t really have any excuses for this 


hey guys!! reblog this post with the first post of your ask blog (that first one’s mine btw DX) just to show how far we have gone and give some hope to those new artists X3


image(laughs lookat those tiny little wings and skinny legs)

I know this isn’t relevant to my blogs now, but this was my first post on my first ask blog :P


Never give up :P


Wow good job everybody, op saw your art and erased their evidence of excitence out from tumblr.



deleted some to shorten the post, check mod blog for full post

so many posts to catch up to, I feel for you

i already finished (took my like 3 hours) but im pretty sure tumblr ate most of the posts….

i had no internet since wensday…

superdovah reblogged your post:
we should sketch eachothers ponies to help i’m…

that’d be fun, we could do it on a skype call or something.

I heard there are programs that let people draw on the same canvas

still alive, just having block


Help me break out of my art block. Give me drawing suggestions, can be anything (nsfw and non-pony included).

starting tomorrow, I’m going to try to draw your suggestions I like and I’ll post them on my art blog and reblog here.

You can suggest OCs but I wont draw them if I dont like them or cant get good ref.

what fandoms are you a part of?

The only actual fandom I’m a part of is MLP, I mean I do like a lot of things but I’m only really actively a part of is mlp.

Otherwise I watch a ton of anime, play a lot of games and watch a lot of shows.Like Monster Hunter, Zelda, Halo, Elder Scrolls, Fallout, Doctor who, I started watching Supernatural, House MD, etc. I won’t really list anime because thats a very long list

what's the hardest part of drawing for you?

I have a hard time sketching out the initial idea. I really struggle just putting the idea on paper

how would you rate your art on a scale from 1 to 10?

well, if we’re talking 1 being MS paint and 10 being something like atryl, then I would probably say I’m like 3-4